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Reiki is a Japanese, deep relaxation therapy.  The recipient simply lies on a treatment table, fully clothed and the therapist then channels positive energy or (ki) into them by placing their hands on the head area, torso and legs.  Sometimes they will hover the hands.  By doing this, the recipient will feel deeply relaxed and very peaceful.

This beautiful, subtle peaceful energy can work on a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual basis and can bring about profound wellbeing.  Imagine your body likened to a river.  If the river is blocked by debris it cannot flow properly.   Likewise if your body and mind are blocked by emotional debris, your life force cannot flow properly. Reiki helps in clearing the debris, allowing your energy to flow more freely thereby assisting the healing process.

Reiki can assist with the removal of energy blocks brought about through negative emotions or events.  It can reduce anxiety/tension, speed up the natural healing process and it can also help to detoxify on all levels. 

A single treatment will see you slowly descending into a profound state of relaxation.

Whilst Reiki is not a substitute for medical care it works perfectly along side it.  One session will be very beneficial but the best results usually come with approximately 4-6 sessions as the healing energy builds with each treatment.

Also available instead of a full Reiki treatment is a 45 minute treatment which incorporates a 20 minute foot massage and the remainder of the time receiving Reiki energy.

45 Mins ~ £35.00


The purpose of Reflexology is to help bring the body energies into balance both on a physical and mental level.  The body organs and tissues correspond to reflexes which are in the feet and by stimulating these reflexes, it helps the organs to function more efficiently.  It is also a cleansing process in that it helps to rid the body of toxins.

Reflexology is very relaxing and helps to release tension, energy blockages and helps to enable each part of the body to work smoothly in conjunction with the other parts.  In a very positive way it helps the body's own healing powers to function. 

You will thoroughly enjoy this wonderful relaxing and calming experience.

Approx 50/60 Mins ~ £35.00

Soothing Foot Massage with Essential Oils

Why not indulge in a gorgeous relaxing foot massage with the use of beautiful essential oils which will leave you feeling very tranquil and peaceful.

30 Mins ~ £20.00


During a SkinBase Microdermabrasion treatment, thousands of tiny crystals exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells.  It speeds up the skin renewal process and also helps in stimulating collagen production for fresh looking, rejuvenated, soft, silky smooth skin.

Great for:

Acne/Acne Scarring


Blocked pores

Congested Skin

Fine lines and wrinkles

Forehead lines


Uneven skin tone

Price per treatment ~ £38 

Deluxe ~ £45   (includes a face mask and 10 minute foot massage)

Getting Married 2021?  Make sure you and your wedding party have tip top super clean skin for the big day. House Parties available.

                                               SPECIAL OFFERS      

Receive £10 off your first Microdermabrasion Facial and receive a free Spa SPF Moisturiser (worth £28) when booking a course of six.

Book a mini course of three and receive a free Spa SPF Moisturiser (worth £28)

Book a course of four Reiki/Reflexology treatments and receive the fourth for half price. (new customers)

NHS Staff ~ Reiki and Reflexology = £35  £30.   Must show Lanyard/ID

Home Visits = Price of your treatment + £8.00